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Paula Župarić a successful and proud owner and author of the Web sale "INVASION ", with whom we talked, business success and who has shared with us all our experiences in this area.

For starters, who's Paula Zuparic? Almost no one does not "know" me by that name, but the name of my web has become synonymous with me. Even my friends started calling me an invasion by the name of the web. When I thought about the name, I thought it must be something sound, something Croatian and appropriate. I think I've succeeded, and among other things, it's easy to remember, which is very important in branding.

What is your Web sales? Why the idea of starting a Web sale and how long does it already exist? My web is a small diary of my necessary everyday things in which I show my personality and creativity. It is part of my everyday life, a small online database of beautiful products, useful and inexpensive that I use only with my family. I launched the Web sale almost two months ago from the desire to share my idea with the world. Love for everyday things and ideas has been decided. At first, I gathered an audience, only a few of us were in Croatia on the scene. After that, I started publishing faster, and Instagram's performance only expanded to a new audience, which became more accessible and more interesting, so it's easier to expand the story of my Small World. In this way, everything has expanded-both the audience and the frequency of new useful products. I only put new and useful products on the web and occasionally change niches.






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